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Nicki Cawood

Copywriter and Content Writer

No nonsense copywriting and content writing for UK businesses.

 From website content that converts to blog posts that engage and educate. 

Great Copywriting

Solves Problems

working with me is an absolute joy

It says so in my Google reviews…

Since 2006 I’ve helped countless businesses grow sustainably. How? With authentic, entertaining, educational and appealing copywriting and content writing services.

I favour a no-nonsense, straightforward approach to creative copy. Working with me is easy, enjoyable and I get the job done. Just like the content I write.

be a problem solver, not a headache causer

Your target audience doesn’t have the stomach for the hard sell. Quite frankly, neither do I.

Want more sales, more visitors, to help more people? Empathy, understanding, education and explaining the benefits you offer is the way to go.

Nifty copywriting skills help drive home your message too…..

My Services



The stuff that sells. This is your advertising copy, your product descriptions and other business-related text.


Content Writing

The creative stuff. Content writing includes your blog posts, newsletters and articles.



Regular blogging offers substantial SEO benefits, not to mention offering value to potential customers & service users.

Website Copy

My most popular service. Ask me about creating content for your website that is SEO-friendly and aimed at your target audience.


Already have content but need someone to tighten it, check for errors and make it flow better?


More in depth than editing, rewriting offers you the chance to have your existing content professionally rewritten.

copywriting and content writing

for businesses ready to grow

I work with businesses to build a strong content foundation for business growth. What this means varies from business to business.

Growth might mean:

  • Better sales,
  • More visitors through the door,
  • Improved reputation,
  • Increased customer loyalty,
  • Enhanced brand recognition,
  • Something specific to you.

Working with me means a no-nonsense collaboration. I get to the core of how you and your business work and help unveil your vision for the future. This is the information needed to give your new content a goal. Filling a web page for the heck of it isn’t going to enhance your business.


Together we create content to express your goal-orientated message in a way that your target audience will understand, appreciate and that motivates them to take action.

Does Your Business Need:

✅ Consistency in your business communications.
✅ A tone of voice that is true to yourself and your brand.
✅ Jargon-free content that resonates with your target audience.
✅ Communications that enhance your reputation and encourage customer loyalty.

If you want to turn passive readers into loyal, paying customers get in touch for a no-obligation chat about your needs.

Let’s Start a Conversation