When asked what I do for a living, the term “freelance copywriter” makes people’s eye glaze over. They politely nod and occasionally some brave soul will ask what a copywriter actually does but other than that, I get blank stares.

So What Does a Copywriter Do

Words have the potential to sell products and services, change opinions and to inspire action. As an experienced copywriter, I  take command of words, shaping them into engaging website copy, blog posts, articles, product descriptions and more in order to help you achieve your goals.

That’s my party line. What I do is take away tasks that you really don’t have time to do, that aren’t really your forte yet are necessary for your business. As a copywriter, I am a megaphone, a billboard, a tastefully written article. I show your competitors and your target audience that you are an authority in your field and know what you’re talking about. I help you take your products and wow people with them.

As a copywriter, I work with your existing branding, with an agreed tone of voice and adhere to company values. New to all of this? I can help you identify what your business needs in terms of content and I don’t oversell myself. I won’t tell you that your perfectly good product descriptions need rewriting if they don’t. What I will do, however, is audit your current content and advise on improvements. If you need new content, I will work with you to ensure that you receive content that will help you succeed.

What does a copywriter do? We’re all different. We all have specialties, different levels of experience, and different interests. For example, I could write you a press release. I won’t. I could but I don’t like press release writing and in my opinion, certain types of writing require a passion for the work as well as expertise.

Clear on What a Copywriter Does?

I can’t speak for other copywriters but this North Yorkshire copywriter creates no-nonsense content at affordable prices and enjoys doing it. If you want to know more, visit the contact page to find out how. If not, I hope at least that you have a greater understanding of what copywriting is and how it may benefit a vast number of enterprises.



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    • Thank you Kristy! It was a labour of love, with much chuntering and the odd curse word thrown in. Remind me of this the next time I decide to revamp my work website! x

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