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14th October 2019
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There are so many tools for freelancers out there and no one tool is perfect. I’ve jumped between several freelance tools but always come back to Evernote. Evernote as a freelance tool can be very useful as this tool allows to you completely customise the way you use it. I’m sharing my most recent set-up to show just one way it may be used by a freelancer.

Which Evernote Version is Best

I use the free version of Evernote as a desktop app (Windows laptop) and I have it on my phone. I’m limited to two devices unless I upgrade. I don’t want to upgrade right now as I don’t see how upgrading will benefit me. I can, of course, log into Evernote anywhere via the web application which does sync from all other devices. Have a look at the upgraded version for yourself though as it might work out better for your individual circumstances. Being able to access it from everywhere makes Evernote a great tool for freelancers as many of us work remotely.

Why Use Evernote as a Freelance Tool

Evernote is one of those tools that has been around for a very long time and which continues to improve. I started using Evernote fairly early on and even then it was a good tool. I like the fact that Evernote continually improves and that the company seems to listen to their users. The add-ons, extensions and additional ways to customise Evernote make it my go-to tool.

My Current Evernote System

I read some excellent articles a while ago on MakeUseOf.com, the first on How to Use Evernote as a Project Management Tool led me to the second, The Best Way to Organise Evernote: Use Tags. My Evernote was rammed with notes and notebooks and over time had ceased to be quite as organised or as useful as I was used to. Taking the advice from these two articles as well as my own experiences I decided to start again.

First, a Ruthless Spring Clean

First up, I got ruthless with the trash button, I cleared out all of the out-of-date notes, deleted tags and notebooks. I then sat and really thought about what I needed Evernote to do for me.

A Streamlined Evernote System for Freelancers

I set up a *Genesis Notebook and a FilingCabinet notebook. That’s it. Tags are going to be the way forward from now on, not 30,000 poorly defined notebooks. This simplistic way works for me and is similar to something that I read in Graham Allcott’s How to Be a Productivity Ninja. This is a book I read a few years ago which is brilliant in its simplicity.

The idea behind my Evernote system is this:

  1. Everything goes into the *Genesis, including anything clipped via the Evernote Web Clipper.
  2. Periodically, everything in the *Genesis is tagged.
  3. Once tagged, notes are moved from the *Genesis to the FilingCabinet.
  4. Information/notes are found via searching for tags or browsing tags.

That is it. That is my high level, super productive way of organising information. And it works. As a freelancer, I can be juggling a vast number of projects and clients at once. Being able to save, share, file and find information quickly is essential which is why Evernote as a freelance tool is a clear winner.

This is a just brief snapshot of my Evernote as a freelance tool system. There are a lot more tags now but as some of them include client names and sensitive project info, I can’t show you the full set up.

If you were wondering, *Genesis came up in my search for synonyms for “In the beginning”, “the start” and so on. Also, I have a thing for Phil Collins. It has a star because this allows it to always be at the top of my list which is ordered alphabetically by default.

Your Turn

Have a read of linked articles, seriously consider Graham Allcott’s book(s) and let me know what you love or hate about Evernote as a freelance tool. If Evernote is not for you, tell me what program or system you prefer.

As a freelancer organisation and productivity are of the utmost importance. The creative part of my work is stifled by clutter and disorganisation so finding a system that works isn’t just about personal preference, it’s about ensuring my work gets done, my clients are happy and my bills get paid. Whether you choose to use Evernote or not, make sure that you have a system that works for you.


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