4 Creative Space Examples for Encouraging Creation
15th June 2021

Sometimes I just like to write. Not for clients, not following a brief, not as The Small Business Copywriter. I just like to write. It’s somewhat cathartic. I might write something reflective like this. I might write something a little out there. I might write something for the sake of getting it out and then delete it. The writing of it was all that was needed. The sharing of what I write sometimes is secondary. The writing is the easy part. Finding a creative space for yourself can be a challenge.

I don’t have a fixed desk in the house that I work at all the time. Sometimes I work on my bed, other times, the sofa. I like remote working, throwing my Chromebook in a bag and heading off into the world to find a library corner or coffee shop that meets my needs. Remote working hasn’t been possible since early last year, thanks a bunch Covid. I’ve had to be flexible about finding a space to be creative. 

The Garden – An Amazing Creative Space

creative space, outdoor office

At the time of writing this, we are in a period of fabulously sunny and warm June weather. The garden is lush and offers the perfect place for writing. Right now it is 5.40 am, I’m in my favourite garden chair and surrounded by starlings, blue tits, the odd wren and a ballsy goldfinch, all looking for their breakfast. 

I can’t write outside when it’s very hot or too bright but this is a great creative space. I’ve been watching far off aeroplanes sailing across the morning sky, whisking people away, or perhaps bringing them back? I wonder who is in that tin can and what their day will look like. When I do write outside it is nearly always for me rather than client work.

Remote Working Offers Countless Creative Space Options

I like to see people coming and going. I love coffee shop working. My trusted noise-cancelling headphones and I have spent many happy hours tapping away in local independent cafes in the past. I don’t feel like I can do this right now for various reasons. Firstly, many cafes have had to reduce the number of tables they have to allow for social distancing. Me plonking my arse down in one for three hours is a tad rude. Maybe one day I’ll do this again?

I did take advantage of a coworking offer in a nearby town recently. I headed to the Station Hotel in Northallerton with a fellow freelancer. We had a meeting room to ourselves, great WIFI, amazing staff and it cost us £10 for the day, including lunch. I wrote and she designed (she a fab graphic designer) and all was well with the world. 

Finding a space to be creative isn’t always easy right now, given restrictions and us all finding our own happy level when it comes to being out and about in the world. I’m hoping that our fab volunteer-run library allows me to come back soon. 

A Writing or Creative Retreat

I’ve seen some brilliant tweets over the years from writers and other creatives who have buggered off to a cottage by the sea, gone glamping or similar. I’m not going to lie, that sounds absolutely marvellous. A venue near us offers rather glamorous pods with a desk, great WIFI, wonderful views and peace and quiet. I might treat myself one of these days and enjoy a mini solo writing retreat. If I get there and the creative juices don’t flow I’ll still have time and space to read and reflect.

A Creative Space at Home

You have a garden office, I have a Solace. Solace is the fancy name for what we used to call our Man Den. It is a huge workshop at the end of our gardencreative space where our Dungeons and Dragons magic happens. Again, sod off Covid, we want our friends to be able to come back. It’s currently being renovated (slowly) so that it is insulated to an extent and the roof doesn’t leak. The Husband has decided that I need a space just for me within the walls of Solace and I love him for it. We’ve chosen a spot by the biggest window. It looks out over the garden and the sky, has great light and I will fill it with books and plants. I can’t wait for that project to be finished.

My creative space at home might be where I write stuff like this or it might be where I can immerse myself in copywriting work. It’ll simply be a place I can use to encourage creativity and creation.

My Creative Space is Different to Yours

A creative space is so much more than just an Instagram-worthy desk set-up. Or is it? That doesn’t float my boat but it could be just what you need to get the creative pistons firing. Creativity is very different for everyone. Some people can produce amazing drawings on the back of envelopes in a busy cafe. Others need classical music, a tidy desk and an ergonomically designed chair.

There’s no right or wrong space. I aim, when the world is a little less germy, to explore other potential creative spaces. I’m not a gal for writing on the edge of a cliff but I do feel that there are other options out there for me. I like variety.

Talk to me about your creative space or spaces. Where do you do your best work? Where do you get your best ideas?



Nicki Cawood, Nicki Cawood Copywriter,
Nicki Cawood is The Small Business Copywriter.

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