Discover the Jaw-Dropping Difference Between a Copywriter and a Content Writer
4th April 2024

What’s the difference between a copywriter and a content writer? Let me explain. There are many similarities and differences.

Copywriter vs Content Writers – Likeminded Word-Loving Souls or Sworn Enemies?

I need to clear something up. There isn’t any “us and them” with copywriters and content writers. We don’t sit at different tables at conferences. Not once have there been any muffins lobbed across a busy coffee shop. Ok, there was one coffee shop incident. A content writer borrowed a copywriter’s favourite pen and didn’t return it. I’m not going to lie, that was nasty.

That’s one very definite difference between a copywriter and a content writer. A content writer ever takes their eye off their best pen.

Copywriters and content writers both have one key thing in common. Their primary motivation is to support their client with the copy or content they need to meet their goals.

Both meet different needs in their own, uniquely awesome way and that’s the real difference between a copywriter and a content writer.

What’s the Difference Between a Copywriter and a Content Writer?

Copywriters and content writers have vastly different skill sets. They do, however, share the same affinity for coffee, books and solving problems (usually).

When it comes to their skill sets, they are worlds apart. There is a lot of cross-over however, this is the difference between a copywriter and a content writer:

What The Copywriter Does

The Copywriter is a mythical creature who wields their pen/Chromebook laptop with a specific set of skills. They create precise and powerful goal-driven content. Their goal is often singular; to encourage the target audience towards a single call to action. To sell, sign up or take another relevant and previously identified action.

Copywriting is not easy. There is an art and a science to it. Copywriters are frequently found working on website copy, sale pages, advertising copy, SEO copy, press releases and any business communications written to increase conversion and profits.

What The Content Writer Does

The content writer wears tie-dye, burns incense and writes funny stories. Or that’s what some people believe. A content writer is no less skilled than a copywriter. What they create is simply different.

Content writers work towards the same goal. They just approach it differently. Content writers are focused on engagement, goodwill, and building and nurturing relationships. They are frequently spotted working on blog posts, social media content and other engagement-led text.  Rather than having a singular call to action in mind, they’re more big-picture people.  Building growth in a longer-term sustainable way. Networking through storytelling.

When Content Writers and Copywriters Are The Same

Rather than focusing on the difference between copywriters and content writers, we must applaud their similarities. In many ways, these fabulous beasts are very much alike. They both work with a strategy in mind, an appropriate tone of voice and get into it with the client to help identify target audience fears and beliefs, business goals and more. Ultimately they both work hard to help the business owner, service or charity to succeed.

Content Writers and Copywriters are skilled, professional, word-loving folks who use their skills to grow a client’s business through social media, website copywriting, press releases, blog posts and other business-related communications. The difference between a copywriter and a content writer is how they meet that goal.

What Does Your Business Need, a Copywriter or a Content Writer?

There is a clear difference between a copywriter and a content writer. Your business needs both. Copywriting is where words are crafted to sell or prompt action. Content writing focuses on educating or fostering relationships. Both play vital roles in effective marketing strategies.

Can Someone Be a Copywriter AND a Content Writer?

Yes, someone can be a copywriter and a content writer. I am both, and my clients will tell you I’m pretty nifty at what I do. Is it easy to be a content writer and a copywriter? No, it bloody isn’t. They are both very different styles of writing with two entirely different sets of skills. My business was founded in 2006. It has taken many of those eighteen years to learn, practice, practice some more, hone and then adapt my learning to reach a point where I offer copywriting and content writing at a high level.

With any kind of work, personal and professional development is ongoing. I’ve offered copywriting and content writing services for years. It’s not something many offer though. That said, I’ve never been one to stay in my lane.

So, What is the Jaw-Dropping Difference Between a Copywriter and a Content Writer

While what they create is different, both are wonderfully wordy. Their collective skills will enhance your business. Birds of a feather. Peas in a pod. Flamingoes with their unique ways of hopping around and making things sound gorgeous. One isn’t better than the other. Who you would work with would depend on what your business needs at the time you’re looking for content. Did this blog post answer the question, “What is the difference between a copywriter and a content writer?”

Fancy a Chat?

I have many years and countless happy clients in my copywriting and content writing boast book. Am I the right writer for you and your business? The best way to find out is to book a no-obligation chat known as a discovery call. This is your opportunity to talk to me 1-1 for free. You can ask your questions and I can ask mine. After that, the ball is in your court.

Curious? Book your chat now. I’ll be the serious copywriter with a tie-dye content writer t-shirt on…… Book a discovery call now. 

We can continue the discussion around the difference between a copywriter and a content writer…..

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