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Copywriting services

You need engaging copy in order to sell your product or service. This includes website copy, product descriptions, advertising copy and more.

Content Writing

I always think of content writing as the more creative storytelling aspect of copywriting. These are your blog posts, articles and newsletters.


Regular blogging offers a powerful tool that alongside a clear content strategy and SEO-benefiting evergreen content boosts your visibility, will build your brand, your reputation and reach and convert more readers into paying customers.

Website Copy

Your website is your business card on the web. It is the one small corner of the internet that you control. If put together effectively you can use your website to turn casual browsers into loyal customers.


Not all clients need shiny new content. I am often asked to tweak and edit existing copy to make it work better, to check grammar, spelling and to cut out “fluff” or extra text that just fills the page but doesn’t offer anything meaningful.

This is a highly affordable option for many small businesses that already have some content in place.


Rewriting is more in-depth than editing. I work with you to decide on a solid message, then rewrite existing copy to tick all editing boxes, to ensure a consistent tone of voice, that your copy is true to your brand and offers your readers something of value.

The Process

I offer bespoke pricing for all copywriting services based on the scope of each project. This is always agreed upon upfront. You only pay for the services you need, not a one-size-fits-all package.

Chat via Zoom

We arrange a Zoom, Skype or telephone call. This is more of an informal chat and offers you the opportunity to tell me more about your business and for me to explain which of my services are more relevant to you. After our chat, I will send you a no-obligation quote.


Accept The Quote

Having accepted my quote I’ll send you a full brief with expected outcomes, a start date, deadlines and my confirmed price. Once the paperwork is completed and the agreed first payment is paid, we are good to go.



Feel free to contact me during the process with any questions. Included in the price are two rounds of revisions if the content needs some tweaks or additions before being signed off.

Payment & Delivery

Once the work is finished and signed off, my final invoice will be sent. Once this has been settled ownership of the copy transfers to you.

Need anything else? Just ask.

Sian Whelen
“We were really pleased with Nicki and the service she offered. She took the time to listen and also work with us to ensure our content reflected who we are and the services we offered. Thank you Nicki for your help and support.”

Sian Whelen, Sweet HR and Recruitment

Jen Workman
“Nicki is brilliant at what she does. She takes the time to get to know your business and target audience and is full of creative ideas. She is also flexible and responsive to change, which are essential qualities in these crazy times! Keep up the good work Nicki!”

Jen Workman

Sally Wadhwa
“I have been using Nicki’s copywriting services for over a year. I did have a client who was already one of Nicki’s clients and liked her work straight away. I requested her to do some work for me and the results were brilliant. I then continued to hire Nicki to produce a few blogs for me a month. The content was always on point. I highly recommend Nicki, her professional manner and her skill to write about any topic is very valuable to any type of business”

Sally Wadhwa, Web Designer & Owner
Sociable Dragon Media

The right words, presented in the right way will catapult your business forward.
Sound appealing? 

Ask me about the copywriting services I offer.