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If you scour the internet you will find hundreds if not thousands of blog posts and articles on the top tools for freelancers. There are apps, paper planners, methods of keeping your bookkeeping in order and so much more brilliant advice. I have some different advice for you. Hire a cleaner.

Some Background

I have been self-employed for eleven years and have been a freelancer (full-time) for over eight years. I work from home primarily, occasionally shooting off to a local cafe or the library for a change of scenery. I work best in a clean, tidy and orderly environment. I am not, nor have I ever been accused of being someone who loves housework. Things are tidy-ish, mostly clean and sometimes orderly.

It’s the time spent cleaning that irks me. Roy and I work full time. We have two boys. Anyone who works and has a family knows the pressure time-wise when it comes to getting everything done. Often it is our leisure time and self-care time that is sacrificed.

Hire a Cleaner

Or in my case, a domestic goddess. Michelle comes to our house once a fortnight for three hours and she pretty much bottoms it. How she does what she does, as well as she does escapes me. It’s clearly magic. The fact that the boys come home and say “Cool, Michelle the Cleaning Fairy has been” sums it up. I walk in (I choose when she is at the house to work elsewhere or schedule meetings etc) and I am hit by a wave of calm. The house looks fabulous, smells fabulous, and feels wonderful.

hire a cleaner
Michelle cleaned our old house when we moved out and this picture really doesn’t do it justice. By the time she was finished, I half wondered if we should change our minds and get the van back to move everything in again!

How is a Cleaner Good for Freelancers?

  • Time spent not cleaning is time spent on myself, my family and my business.
  • A clean and tidy house (I’m talking the Mother-in-Law is coming for a visit and bringing the Queen clean and tidy level) is great for productivity.
  • We work damn hard and therefore, we deserve a little loveliness.

My Recommendation

My cleaner/saviour/domestic wonder is Michelle who owns the Heaven Scent Cleaning Services. Her details are below if you are in North Yorkshire (Catterick/Leeming/Thirsk sort of areas) and are looking for a thorough, professional and friendly cleaner to save you time, hassle and have your home, or offices, looking brilliant.

Do you have someone come to clean for you? How do you find it? If not, but it’s something you’d love, what’s stopping you?

hire a cleaner


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