Just Me: Nicki Cawood

Nicki Cawood

Hi! I’m Nicki Cawood. I live in Thirsk, North Yorkshire, have a fabulous husband, two great kids and I love words. I am a huge Dungeons and Dragons fan. I’m a fan of all things geekery-related. We have hosted Thirsk Gamers from our house since 2013 which runs fortnightly (at least). I love family time, reading and probably drink more coffee than I should.

As a Thirsk copywriter, I actively support my local community and small businesses by founding and running the Thirsk Coworking Group. This is a free group that has run since 2017 and has proven very popular.

If you can’t tell, working with small businesses, startups and individuals is my thing.

About Me: The Copywriter

If I had 3 minutes to explain what I do as a copywriter and how it could help your business grow this is what I would say.

Every copywriter has their speciality and mine is working with small businesses and start-ups. With over thirteen years of copywriting experience under my belt, I am ideally placed to create you results-focused and engaging content for your business.

Whether it is creating fresh content for your website, refreshing existing content, putting together a content strategy, writing regular blog posts and articles or editing text you have created, I have the necessary skill to make those words work for you.

Between web copy and business blogging, product descriptions and various other content formats I have helped numerous enterprises with their copywriting needs. Over the years I have worked with clients from multiple sectors. I’ve worked as a copywriter for digital marketing agencies, vaping clients, retail businesses, eco-focused enterprises, charities, the financial sector, service-led businesses, wedding photographers, virtual assistants and more.

There are many copywriters in the UK and even more globally. Why choose me? I’m a straight shooter. I offer bespoke pricing based on what you need only. I’m good at what I do (see some of my testimonials here) and genuinely want your business to succeed. Words start conversations and help to forge relationships. If these words aren’t carefully crafted in order to make the right type of impact you could be wasting a golden opportunity.

I have written for many global businesses, huge corporations and publications. Great paying work. I choose though to focus my copywriting efforts on small business and startups. This is the type of work that makes me jump onto the laptop on a morning and want to get started.

There, three minutes (give or take). If you’d like to know more about working with me feel free to get in touch.