Want to know more about this D20-Rolling, Book-Loving Trekkie (who is also a freelance copywriter)?

Nicki the Copywriter…..

I am a freelance copywriter and I love to write. I am results driven, great with time management, organisation, am incredibly experienced and I enjoy a challenge. Based in North Yorkshire yet working with businesses, brands and individuals around the globe my mission has been to offer affordable, high-quality content to all.

As a freelance copywriter and experienced blogger I have worked with a variety of small businesses as well as big brands, helping them to put across their message in a clear and compelling way.

Working on a freelance basis I have welcomed commissions on everything from business, digital marketing, finance, health,  fitness, family, interior design and much more besides.

Find out more about some of the services that I offer here and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you want to talk about your needs here.

Nicki the Dwarven Fighter, D20-Rolling, Book-Loving Trekkie.

If you want to know a little about the person behind the scenes, keep reading.

  • I am a mum to two fabulous sons and wife to a long-suffering yet really quite wonderful husband.
  • I love Dungeons and Dragons and my husband and I host Thirsk Gamers, a fortnightly gaming session from our dining room.
  • When not fighting orcs or painting miniatures or enjoying family time I am an avid reader (GoodRead fans can find me here).
  • I enjoy social time with a small but fiercely loyal group of friends.
  • I choose Star Trek over Star Wars.
  • I run my own non-work related blog and have done for many years.
  • I am a keen advocate of small businesses, freelancers and the self-employed as so in October 2017 I set up the Thirsk Coworking Group. I have recently had to extend these sessions due to their popularity and you may read more about them here.

I live a full and interesting life and I enjoy my work immensely. Why is it important to know more about me than what you’ll read on my CV? If you are to trust me with your business content needs you should want to know more about me.


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