How Much Do You Charge?

I don’t advertise standard rates because I don’t charge standard rates.

How Do I Know Whether or Not I Can Afford You?

I always have to check myself when talking about pricing. Writing “I’m cheap!” doesn’t always convey the correct message. I am affordable. How do I know I’m affordable? I know because my clients tell me that I am. They also tell me that I’m “worth my weight in gold” however be assured, I don’t base my rates on that. Experts tell us to put solid prices on our websites. “No-one will buy from you if they don’t know what you cost”. I disagree. Anyone serious about turning their business around or finishing that all-important project is able and will be happy to send a quick email asking for a no-obligation quote. Why don’t I have prices on my website? I don’t have a price list because I don’t offer static pricing, I offer bespoke pricing.  

What is Bespoke Pricing?

PricingI take putting bespoke quotations together very seriously….

I refuse to pay for services I don’t want or need and so should you. When I put together a quote for a client I do it based on the actual work they need doing rather than making them pay for a package that includes pricing for work that they do not. Your business has individual needs which is why I offer individual pricing options. I don’t pluck numbers out of the air though, I craft a quote with Return On Investment (ROI) in mind, amongst other key factors.

Return On Investment

According to Wikipedia: “Return on Investment (ROI) is the benefit to an investor resulting from an investment of some resource”. That’s quite a dry way of saying that ROI is you getting more out than you put in. When you pay me to write your blog posts, create compelling website copy or even to produce new product descriptions for your goods, you don’t do it so your business looks good. You do it to turn a profit or to send a message. I offer a pretty darn good ROI.

Send Me a Quick Email

Get in touch for a no-obligation quote for the work you have in mind or for an informal chat about what you need and how I may help you achieve it. I won’t add you to a mailing list and I won’t turn up at your door with a fruit basket and puppy eyes begging for a contract. I will give you some bespoke pricing options and will let you have a think and get back to me.