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Why Hire a Copywriter?

As a copywriter I find myself being asked time and time again “Why should I hire a copywriter”? My answer is simple.

Hire a copywriter if you want to succeed. Hire a copywriter if you want your product descriptions to attract attention and result in sales. Hire a copywriter if you want your blog posts to reach out and touch your potential clients or services users, if you want your articles to show the world that you are an authority in your sector, that you are an expert and that you know what you are talking about.

Hire a copywriter to excite, to inspire, to spread a message, to make yourself visible and to create profit.

Why Hire Nicki Cawood?

That’s a damn fine point! Why should you hire me? There are any number of excellent copywriters out there. I know many of them. So why choose me?

I could work in a number of sectors however, I choose to work with words because they are my passion. I use them like a sculptor might use clay, manipulating them and shaping them make something pretty, or functional, or whatever it needs to be.

Choosing a copywriter to create your content will help you catapult your business to a whole new level. Choosing me achieves all of this too, only when you choose me you get a quirky Yorkshirewoman with a decade of experience, who has proven results, great testimonials and who is someone who will listen to you. I will listen to what you need and what you want. I will help you succeed and I will do it with my own quirky style. I will get you what you want and what you need. I make your life easier, and I’m pretty easy to work with too.

Still Not Sure You Need a Copywriter?

If you’re not yet quite convinced? Have a look at the infographic below, then get in touch with any questions you might have. 

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