adapting to a changing world
I did not see Covid-19 coming. Even in the early days, with the first reports, I couldn’t imagine life being […]
There are so many tools for freelancers out there and no one tool is perfect. I’ve jumped between several freelance […]
Today is National Coworking Day. I don’t have any flags to wave, sadly. I thought instead I would write about […]
Susan Cain
  Today, March 8th 2018, is International Women’s Day. A day where the successes, the strengths, the innovative thinking, the […]
LinkedIn, LinkedIn Story
We all know that LinkedIn privacy isn’t something that should be taken for granted, Or do we? I’m going to […]
Ted Talk
Have you ever watched a TED Talk? TED talks are short speeches, presentations, monologues (they have many titles and descriptions) […]